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Twin Checkered Flags or Spin: St Pete Edition

7 days ago|0 Comments

  Robert Wickens leading at the start of the race. Photographer: Phillip Abbott / LAT Images New season, new kit, new home…same old snark and opinions. Here's my top and bottom three things [...]

Beyond The Grid Girl

2 months ago|0 Comments

In the wake of last week's news that F1 was removing their grid girls from their events, a national debate has kicked on about their removal. Dre sat back, made a video blog, saw the comments, and then wrote this in response.

Dre’s Grand Tour – S2E7 (It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas)

2 months ago|0 Comments

In Episode 7 of Dre's Grand Tour... Refuelling on the road, a Boxing World Champion, a WWE Hall of Famer, and the best segment of the series as TGT recreate Audi vs Lancia in the 1983 WRC.

Dre’s Grand Tour – S2E6 (Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags)

2 months ago|0 Comments

Episode 6 of The Grand Tour heads to Colorado as the boys try to prove old Jaguars were actually pretty reliable. Sort of.

American Exceptionalism

2 months ago|0 Comments

In this piece from RJ O'Connell, he comments about the conflicting nature of being an American Motorsports fan as Haas F1 team made audacious comments regarding the state of its driving talent.

Dre’s Grand Tour – S2E5 (Up, Down and Round The Farm)

2 months ago|0 Comments

Dre's Grand Tour catches up with a look at "Up, Down and Round The Farm", featuring a 700hp tank, the Preacher in a Jaguar, and Jeremy Clarkson fakes a Gymkhana segment.

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IndyCar’s Plot “Wickens” In St. Pete / #Drebrief Episode 28

6 hours ago|0 Comments

The 2018 IndyCar Season kicked off last weekend in St. Petersberg Florida and Dre had a lot to say on the action that went down. From Wickens and Rossi fighting for the win till a [...]

The Return of The Hangout – LIVE!

3 weeks ago|0 Comments

We're back!

Dre Vlogs: Formula 1 Removing Grid Girls and Why I’m For It

2 months ago|0 Comments

Spur of the moment video blog from Dre as to F1 removing Grid Girls, and why he's fully in support of the move.

God Bless This Williams Mess / #Drebrief Episode 27

2 months ago|0 Comments

In this week's edition of the #Drebrief, Dre looks at the messy situation Williams have been in with their drivers over the last two years, their new signing in Sergei Sirotkin, Robert Kubica's return, and [...]

MotoGP’s Greatest Season Ever / #Drebrief Episode 27

2 months ago|0 Comments

Dre is a massive bike fan. Here's why he felt that 2017 was the greatest year ever for the Dorna series, with Marquez vs Dovi, Johann Zarco and others standing out. Music - リサフランク420 / [...]

Dre Vlogs: “The Frustrations Of A Closet Hamilton Fan”

3 months ago|0 Comments

Here's a follow up to my Drebrief as to why Hamilton often infuriates me. You may be surprised as to what I say. Hazel's Article: https://medium.com/@piratemoggy/its-particularly-bad-when-he-does-it-52653a2678e1

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