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The Diary Of Dre #3 – Goodbye For Now, Sepang

3 weeks ago|5 Comments

With a newsworthy Sepang in the books for the final time, Dre has some thoughts about how the weekend played out.

Austria’s Beautiful Struggle Of Bike Safety

2 months ago|0 Comments

Austria was a conflicting MotoGP weekend. On one hand, some incredible racing. The other, the exposure of a circuit that may not be equipped to handle it. Dre writes about the Espargaro/Brookes Twitter fight, and why bike racing can't take chances on safety.

Tracks And Field, Writing The Next Chapter

2 months ago|1 Comment

In the twilight of the World Athletics Championships, Dre writes a piece on both the state of Athletics and comparing it to Formula 1, where both sports are in times where they may need to think about how they're covered, and what's coming next.

Oh, The Humanity?

3 months ago|2 Comments

In the wake of some questionable takes on Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastien Buemi, Dre comments on the perceived lack of humanity that Motorsports can often give off.

The People vs World Superbikes

3 months ago|0 Comments

In the land of World Superbikes, a mediocre Laguna Seca weekend caused public dissension about the future of the series. Dre dissects why he thinks that was unfair, but also the "Pandora's Box" that Dorna has unleashed on the series.

Sky Sports: I Don’t Like It, But I Understand…

3 months ago|2 Comments

A lot of people were mad at how Sky Sports F1 covered the Baku incident in Austria, with many fans losing patience. In this piece, Dre argues... Sky were probably in the right...

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Dre’s Hangout Return and 1,500 Subscriber Special!

5 days ago|0 Comments

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#AskDre: F1 In 5 Years, The Best “Value” F1 Driver, Manchester United

4 weeks ago|0 Comments

#AskDre returns to the Motorsport101 YouTube Channel! In this series, Dre asks your questions on absolutely... anything really? In Episode 1, I talk about how I want F1 to be in 5 years time, which [...]

Josef Newgarden, The Champion IndyCar Needs / #Drebrief Episode 24

1 month ago|0 Comments

In the return of the #Drebrief series, Dre talks about IndyCar's Championship finale, and why the series needs to go all-in on Josef Newgarden as the face of the series. (Special thanks to IndyCar as [...]

Early F1 2017 Game Impressions / #Motorsport101

1 month ago|0 Comments

Taken from Episode #101 "#OnBrand" - Some early takes on F1 2017, Codies latest video game! Would you like to see a full video game review? Let me know in the comments!

Dre Vlogs: Carlos Sainz to Renault, McLaren/Toro Rosso Engine Swap?

1 month ago|0 Comments

The vlogs return to Motorsport101! Dre talks about Carlos Sainz heading to Renault, and the potential of a McLaren/Toro Rosso engine swap!

Speculating On Renault’s Seat For F1 2018 / #Motorsport101

1 month ago|0 Comments

Taken from Episode #101 - "#OnBrand": https://soundcloud.com/motorsport101/episode-101-onbrand In this Podcast highlight, Dre, King and RJ sit down and speculate all of Renault's potential options as to who could partner Nico Hulkenberg at Renault next season.

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