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The Year Of The Antagonist

1 week ago|0 Comments

"Antagonist, noun: A person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary..." 2017 on both two wheels and four, has told a lot of stories that will go down in the [...]

The Pendulum of World Superbikes

3 weeks ago|0 Comments

Just as Jonathan Rea made history to take his third World Superbike title, Dorna unveiled plans to add balance of performance elements to the series. Is this the right way to go? What direction is Worlds heading in? Dre deep dives to have a think.

The Diary Of Dre #3 – Goodbye For Now, Sepang

2 months ago|7 Comments

With a newsworthy Sepang in the books for the final time, Dre has some thoughts about how the weekend played out.

Austria’s Beautiful Struggle Of Bike Safety

3 months ago|0 Comments

Austria was a conflicting MotoGP weekend. On one hand, some incredible racing. The other, the exposure of a circuit that may not be equipped to handle it. Dre writes about the Espargaro/Brookes Twitter fight, and why bike racing can't take chances on safety.

Tracks And Field, Writing The Next Chapter

3 months ago|2 Comments

In the twilight of the World Athletics Championships, Dre writes a piece on both the state of Athletics and comparing it to Formula 1, where both sports are in times where they may need to think about how they're covered, and what's coming next.

Oh, The Humanity?

4 months ago|2 Comments

In the wake of some questionable takes on Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastien Buemi, Dre comments on the perceived lack of humanity that Motorsports can often give off.

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Dre Plays – Gran Turismo Sport (Missions and Stuff)

4 days ago|0 Comments

Dre with the good driving.

Dre Plays – Gran Turismo Sport (Circuit Experience and Chill)

1 week ago|0 Comments

Welcome to the YouTube Channel for #Motorsport101 Podcast! Hosted by former F1 YouTuber Andre Harrison, TeamBombersports' StopMotion Specialist Adam Johnson, and Formuletta owner Ryan King, the Podcast aims to provide a young, fresh take on [...]

Dre Plays – Gran Turismo Sport (Circuit Experience and Chill)

1 week ago|0 Comments

Back for a bit of circuit experience!

Dre Plays – Gran Turismo Sport, Driving School ALL Golds (Stream Archive)

1 week ago|0 Comments

Surprise! Dre got a PS4! And in this archived live stream, he sat down with Gran Turismo Sport and completed all of Driving School with Golds! Enjoy the archive!

Felipe Massa – Selfless To The End / #Drebrief Episode 25

2 weeks ago|0 Comments

Felipe Massa announced his second retirement from Formula 1 yesterday. In this week's #Drebrief, Dre talks about the level of sacrifice he's made in his career and touches on Williams poor management of the latter [...]

Dre Vlogs: Danill Kyvat Dropped From Red Bull Programme

4 weeks ago|0 Comments

Anyone else getting a weird sense of Deja Vu? Also, bear with me on the sunglasses, that was me covering up a freaky looking Stye.

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